About Us

Founded by Mr. David Roche, who has over 20 years of experience in multinational insurance companies. He is a graduate of HEC Paris and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Mr. Roche is an economist in the Principality of Andorra, registration number 261962/2019. Roche Grup SL is a family-owned wealth management structure. Our objective is to make long-term investments in robust assets, comprising 75% (Equities, Government bond & Commodities).


• Private Equity
• Financial Markets
• Real Estate Market
• Art Collection
• ROCHEGRUP SOFTWARES (Web3.0, Blockchain & AI developments)

Our philosophy is to position ourselves in long-term growth trends, following internal and highly specific investment criteria. We assess the investments made by Roche Grup through a rigorous selection process based on precise internal criteria, both in terms of qualitative and quantitative investments. This includes factors such as:

From the industry sector:
• Exposure to long-term growth factors
• Resilience to economic slowdown
• Favorable competitive dynamics
• Entry barriers and disruptive cases
• Market consolidation opportunities

Company typologies:
• Market leader with a clear operational model
• Potential for organic growth
• Strong cash flow generation capabilities
• Return on invested capital higher than weighted average cost of capital
• Low financial leverage
• Well-positioned for digital disruptions

Valuation criteria:
• Attractive valuation
• Potential for shareholder remuneration

Quality and implementation of effective governance:

• Potential for positioning as a significant shareholder with or without exercising power
• Possibility of representation on the Board of Directors
• High-quality management

Our management is active, despite long-term strategic choices. The asset rotation of Roche Grup is based on an ongoing evaluation of management, the long-term return potential of existing investments in our portfolio, compared to new investment alternatives. This regularly leads to arbitrage and asset rotations within our portfolio.

Our investment scopes

The companies we follow can be publicly traded or private. We do not prioritize specific geographical areas. There is no standard size in terms of investment amounts. Commonly, we invest in the following sectors:

• Carbon credits
• Blockchain & Metaverse
• AI & Robotics
• High population growth countries
• Investment countries: USA – MENA – India

Roche Grup incorporates ESG factors into its investments. The stakes are significant, with a simple idea that companies are more likely to succeed and generate performance by creating value for both shareholders and all stakeholders: employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and customers. The impact of ESG-initiated actions greatly enhances their current and future performance by asking the right questions about the functionality of the Value Chain. This approach allows companies to understand and anticipate the essential future trends for their growth. These companies are more disruptive because they are less hesitant about making changes in their activities and are more attentive to customers, employees, and the market.

Humanity faces numerous challenges. Let us remain humble in the face of the mission to preserve our heritage and biodiversity while continuously improving the situation of humans on our planet.