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Economic danger in immediate approach

Second high risk

The falsified figures of the European and American governments, the resilience linked to Covid 19 in China which, in our opinion, is more strategic for hitting Western firms in terms of supply chains and the weather factors Niño and Niña (Depending on whether one is in Asia and on the American continent) + military movements all over the world are giving us very bad news. And a more painful chaos in terms of food than in terms of the oil shock. Powerless central banks make inflation higher in reality than in the figures announced. The danger is visible. Central banks will not be able to raise their rates as needed because of the colossal indebtedness of Western countries. We expect after the mini Crash succession that this situation will lead until Q3 2023, to a strong relaunch of QE. Just look at how Japan and the BOJ are currently handling the situation. Afterwards the money printing of +1 to infinity has become a habit for almost 30 years. Meanwhile, famines and social uprisings are approaching. And the Covid 19 will soon return to close our Freedoms. On this excellent news …., let’s be vigilant.